Welcome to my Blog!

This is a blog about gardening, cooking and enjoying healthful foods that taste good too.

I am a gardener who loves to play with food, loves to think outside the box and am always wondering: “What if I …..”

Through Locust Grove Sunset Sensations (a unique wine & food sampling series) where I am a volunteer server, I meet many interesting chefs with unique and innovative ideas. These chefs use local products, seasonal vegetables and fruits to create delicious culinary dishes. I plan on visiting their establishments to see and sample more of their creative dishes and if I’m lucky, I might even get to chat with the chef behind the stove and get tips and recipes to share with visitors to my blog.

Please visit often and leave a comment.

35 Responses to Welcome to my Blog!

  1. Ann Drohosky says:

    Dear Norma,

    Your blog is wonderful!!! Keep them coming! Lots of great information! I wouldn’t have expected anything less!
    Ann Drohosky

  2. Toni Kellers says:

    Norma – I enjoyed meeting you at Rhinebeck – wish I could have gotten away from my booth to see your demo. Thanks for posting my photo and info – I would love love to make you a link on my website. Your information was right on and the photo was super – I don’t look like my grandma, which I usually do these days 😉 Toni

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Toni,
      I too enjoyed visiting with you, you were so gracious. Am glad my information was right on. Yes, please make me a link on your website.What do you need from me?

  3. jardinm says:

    Thanks for visiting my own blog Norma – always a pleasure to have new visitors… infact I absoulutely love Chinese/Thai/Vietnamese food and try to cook in this style quite a bit – we have visited Hong Kong, Vietnam and also Penang and have loved the cuisine there especially the lack of dairy ingredients – such amazing flavours – ginger being a favorite… so will keep an eye on your blog! Nice to see something completely different to wildlife, gardening and birds!! Many thanks Miranda

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Miranda,
      I enjoyed your blog and will be visiting again.
      You are quite a traveller, I will be posting a tofu recipe using hoisin sauce on Friday that you might like.
      Thanks you for stopping by and look forward to your future visits.

  4. Good morning, Norma! I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you for stopping by my blog. I just took a stroll through yours and I love it! So many interesting things. 🙂

  5. Tony Bardes says:

    Hi Norma
    Myself and my wife seen your cooking demonstration at Adams in Fishkill. You offered great tips and other sage kitchen advice. We purchaced your books. They are a great resource and we are trying out new recipes. Cant wait for my Chinese son in law to return from China so i can wow him with my new knowledge. Thanks again

    Tony & Lorelei

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Tony & Lorelei,
      Glad you enjoyed my cooking demos and find my cookbooks useful. Can’t wait to hear about your Chinese son in law’s reaction when you make him Chinese meals. Hopefully I will see you on Wednesday, 2/29, same time same place.

  6. jenniferwurst says:

    Great blog Norma – glad I found you…thanks for all the tips. I too use ‘different’ vessels for seed starting.

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  8. veronica schepis says:

    hi Norma thank your for you tips and amazing energy

  9. Theresa L Chu says:

    Alleluia Norma — I am so impressed with the multi-talented friend like you, learning something every day! You could imagine how inadequate I felt as I didn*t even know what a blog is when you first mentioned to me. 🙂 Like everyone commented it it a gorgeous blog and I am going to learn even more from you here on. Thanks for nourishing others with your excitements. I am so happy to see you are leading such a fulfilled life. Very proud of you.

  10. Pat McCann says:

    Hi Norma, Dick and I really enjoy working with you at LG on Thursday mornings. And thanks once again for the Car show pictures (especially his Corvette). Pat

  11. Jen Miller says:

    Great blog Norma! I love the title “Garden To Wok” I will visit your blog again for sure.

  12. Nancy Wu says:

    Hello, Norma,

    I was very glad to discover your blog over the weekend. Like you, I also live in Dutchess County (Hopewell Jct, specifically). As I am new to gardening, it is wonderful to have an expert such as you that live in the area and I know for sure that your blog will be able to help me get better with growing vegetables.


  13. Carol R Moran says:

    Hi Norma,
    Have greatly enjoyed your 2 presentations at HVHM, but don’t have easy access to your contact info, so I’m using this. I have been so impressed with your knowledge, experience & energy!
    A seniors group at my fellowship might be very interested in having you give us a presentation on marketing & cooking, especially for singles. Perhaps you can reply to my email address. Thank you. Carol Moran

  14. Thank you so much for the email today. I tried to reply and AOL doesn’t like my domain name apparently. 🙂 It was returned as “unacceptable content” by AOL. I wrote how grateful I was that you thought of me and I loved the concert program!

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Maureen,
      You are very welcomed. Not sure what happened at AOL. You would have enjoyed the concert and bursting with pride, I picture you on your feet clapping away until your hands are swollen :).

  15. Hi Norma, I wanted to let you know I started a web site for Food Bloggers, easy concept directly linking to your blog. When you have a minute please check out https://wegrazetogether.wordpress.com or you can thread through my main site https//clwiser.wordpress.com – “Participating Food Blogs” Post. We would loveeeeee to list your Blog as well. Best Regards from sunny Florida, Cheryl.

  16. Martha Stack says:

    Enjoyed meeting your son in law and daughter on our flight from Bos to Sea. Your son in law shared your blog with me. I loved it and shared it with my mom who is also an avid gardener and cook.

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Martha,
      Welcome. Glad you enjoyed my blog and thanks for sharing it with you Mom, I will let my son-in-law and daughter know. Looking forward to your future visits.

  17. Linda Yun says:

    The peony flowers are beautiful! I should have visited your garden in the spring.
    You are a master gardener,indeed!

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