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Harvest Monday, April 27 2015 – Walking Onion + Transplanting + Garlic & Ramp Update + Rooting Lemon Grass + Plant Sale

Surprised Harvest! While cleaning up my garden beds and turning over the soil, came upon a bed of carrots. They were planted too late last year and was not worth the effort to harvest. I never got around to putting … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, March 16, 2015 – More Indoor Seed Starting + Updates

This past week was a week of waiting. Waiting for the snow to disappear. Unfortunately my yard (front, sides and back) is still white. First day of spring is this Friday, March 20, only 4 days away, will all the … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, February 2014 – Update of Plants Under Grow Lights + A Forced Break

Pulled up the matured lettuce and scallions I had under the grow lights and transplanted the new seedlings. These new plants I started from seeds indoor were growing surprising well under the grow lights. Well not all. Tried 2 different varieties of arugula and neither did … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, October 21, 2013 + Trombonino Squash & “A” Choy Update + Importance of Proper Spacing

Decided it was time to bring in all my tromboncino squashes. Night time temp is dropping to the 30’s, even though there are still a few baby squashes on the plant, I doubt they will get large enough to be bothered … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, December 10, 2012 – Windowbox Gardening Update

Last Friday’s, 12/7/12 post (click here to view post), I promised an update to my broccoli growing in windowbox. I am also posting an update on the napa cabbages and Shanghai bok choy I was growing in windowboxes. Some of you may recall my … Continue reading

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