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Harvest Monday, June 4, 2012 – Ginger and Garden Update

Giant red mustard flowers Harvested more giant red mustard, weight 4½ pounds. Gave some to my sister. Cleaned and  blanched the remainder. Packaged and froze for future use. The mustard is very happy in that section of the garden so am  allowing one plant to flower … Continue reading

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Harvest Mondays, March 26, 2012

My Asian pear in bloom. Direct sowed sugar snap peas (24 feet) and regular peas (5 feet). All these seeds were a few years old so I soaked them for 24 hours before planting, will see how well they germinate. … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, September 26, 2011

August was a very wet month so is September thus far. My root vegetables are not happy but my gourds and squashes are thriving as are the mosquitoes, huge and vicious. More bitter melons, got two white ones. They should be whiter, but … Continue reading

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The Elusive Cucumber!!!!!

No matter how hard I try, there is always that one cucumber that likes to play hide-and-seek. When I am looking for it, it is not there and when I am not looking for it, it appears. Not only is it … Continue reading

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