Harvest Monday, August 24, 2015 – Red, White & Blue Potatoes

This year I am growing 4 different varieties of potatoes, Adirondack Red, Blue, Fingerlings and Adirondack Blue. (I actually started out with 5 varieties but the Yukon Gold failed to sprout.)

potatoes (08222)

Left to right: Adirondack Red, Blue, Fingerlings & Adirondack Blue Potatoes + cross section of each

The potatoes in the photo below were steamed then peeled, all 4 are of the “waxy” type. I think they would make a lovely July 4th Patriotic Potato Salad.

red, white & blue potatoes (08187)

Left to right: Steamed then Peeled Adirondack Red, Blue, Fingerling & Adirondack Blue Potatoes

The photo below shows cross section of the steamed and peeled potatoes. Will not be planting the Adirondack Blue next year (don’t care for the cooked color) also will be looking for another red with deeper red color, not sure if such a variety exist.

red, white & blue potatoes (08192)

Left to right: Cross Section of Steamed then Peeled Adirondack Red, Blue, Fingerlings & Adirondack Blue Potatoes

Had planned to bake one of each for color comparison (steamed versus baked) and also make a roasted potatoes with onion, garlic and rosemary but just never got around to doing so, the hours flew by but not much was accomplished 😦

∗ ∗ ∗

But all was not lost, using the potatoes I shared with her, Susan MacCavery made a Roasted Red, White & Blue Potatoes with Fresh Thyme, her photos below.

Susan is one of the 2 horticulturist at Locust Grove and a Garden Coach with over 25 years of experience in professional horticulture. To learn more about Susan, check out her web site http://www.susanmacavery.com

roasted potatoes (IMG_1063)

Roasted Red, White & Blue Potatoes with Fresh Thyme

A close up

roasted potatoes (IMG_1063)

Roasted Red, White & Blue Potatoes with Fresh Thyme

Don’t the above photos make you want to dig in? This is a gluten free dish.

This is what Susan did: Tossed the cut unpeeled potatoes with olive oil, garlic, fresh thyme, salt & pepper. Roasted on a cookie sheet at 425°F for about 20 minutes. She liked the texture of the Blue the best.

∗ ∗ ∗

Dug in all 4 varieties of potatoes from the garden last week. Also harvested the potatoes in 3 of the foam ice chest – Fingerlings, Adirondack Red and Adirondack Blue.

I found it a lot easier to harvest the potatoes in the foam ice chest than the ones in the garden especially the Adirondack Blue and Blue as they were difficult to find in the garden soil, I probably missed quite a few since I could not bend for long period due to my lower back problem (getting better but decided it’s best not to overdo).

Below is the fingerling potatoes from one of the ice chests.

fingerling potato (08276)

Fingerling Potatoes

The harvested unwashed potatoes are arranged, single layer, on basket trays in my shed and loosely covered with newspaper (to prevent them from turning green due to light exposure) after a few days the soil should be dry and I will carefully brush off any loose soil, inspect for damage (the damaged ones will be used right away), place the good clean ones in paper bags and store in the basement.

NOTE: My storage method is not for long term storage. For proper long term storage check out Rachel of Grow a Good Life blog: http://growagoodlife.com/storing-potatoes/

fingerling potato (08278)

Fingerling Potatoes

The fingerlings (washed for the photo) in the photo below are from the garden, quite a few of them were very large (I think they were on steroid) not what I would consider fingerlings.

fingerling potato (08223)

Fingerling Potatoes

∗ ∗ ∗

Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva' (08230)

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Tardiva’

∗ ∗ ∗

Hydrangea paniculata 'Tardiva' (08239)

Hydrangea paniculate ‘Tardiva’

…   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …  …   …  …

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About Norma Chang

I am the author/publisher of 2 user-friendly Chinese cookbooks: "My Students' Favorite Chinese Recipes (updated edition)" and "Wokking Your Way to Low Fat Cooking" A gardener who enjoys cooking and eating and loves to think outside the box A garden volunteer at Locust Grove Heritage Vegetable Garden Conduct hands-on cooking workshops for teenagers Conduct cultural programs for children and family Conduct healthy cooking classes for adults
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38 Responses to Harvest Monday, August 24, 2015 – Red, White & Blue Potatoes

  1. daphnegould says:

    Blue has such a beautiful color. And the roasted potato dish sounds delicious. I do something similar with sweet potatoes.

  2. Angie@Angie's Recipes says:

    o yes, i wish I could dig in, Norma. You are such a great gardener.

  3. Amazing there are so many varieties of potatoes these days. Growing up we only had regular spuds with only a couple of varieties available.
    Have a superb week Norma.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. dvelten says:

    Interesting that the red potato retains its color after cooking. You definitely could do a July 4th salad with those potatoes.

  5. Eva Taylor says:

    The blue potatoes are amazing! I didn’t know that they’re so blue! Sometimes I can find a blue variety in our grocery stores but they cook rather bland looking, not at all vibrant like yours!

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Eva,
      There are a number of blue potato varieties, not all retain the color when cooked. The color of the cooked Adirondack Blue was kinda bland compared to Blue reason I will not be growing it next year.

  6. Can you believe this is my first time seeing a blue potato Ms Norma? This blog has introduced me to so many veggies I’ve never heard of before. Thanks for sharing.. you’ve broaden my horizon.

  7. The blue potatoes are so vibrant! I like your ice chest method! I could do that!

  8. Daisy says:

    I found blue potatoes at the farmers’ market, but they lost their lovely color when I steamed them. Maybe I cooked them for too long.
    Ice chest idea is awesome!

  9. Margaret says:

    Beautiful potatoes – I must say, I do like the looks of them better when roasted than steamed, although the real test would be the taste.

  10. Kristy says:

    Potatoes with fresh thyme is one of my favorite ways to eat potatoes. These look delicious. I love colorful potatoes too. They look so cute on a plate (and are easier to get the kids to eat!).

  11. chef mimi says:

    Beautiful potatoes! Even the steroidal fingerling!

  12. hotlyspiced says:

    I do love all the colours of the potatoes. It’s only in the last few years that I realised potatoes came in these rainbow colours. I love the look of the roasted potatoes and it’s great it’s such a simple dish. I think the potatoes would look really good in a potato salad as you’d really see their colours shine xx

  13. What beautiful potato harvest! Love this simple and easy gluten free recipe too. We don’t eat too many potatoes as seriously the only reason is they really weigh down my granny bag… Lol

  14. mac says:

    Gorgeous potatoes, drooling and envy! Colorado beetles decimated my 2 large growbags of potatoes this year, I had to throw away the soil and growbags just in case they laid eggs in there.

  15. oh wow beautiful potatoes your quite the gardener

  16. Bill says:

    The blue potatoes are beautiful. I love the idea of a red, white and blue potato dish.
    I’ll be harvesting our fingerlings today and I’m hoping they come out as pretty as yours did!

  17. kim says:

    I do love potatoes in all their variety of cooking, potato salad just means summer to me :0)
    Beautiful harvest.
    I wonder if you could dye wool with the peels?

    Happy Gardening Norma

  18. Sophie33 says:

    Georgous winning potatoes! Yummm! Roasting them together with thyme is always a lovely tasty treat!

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