25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Woke up at 4:45 a.m. this morning so I could make it to the Dutchess County airport to view the balloons lift-off at 6:00 a.m.

It was a beautiful morning oh, and what a beautiful sight it was to see the balloons being inflated, one-by-one, and, one-by-one, lift-off and soar into the sky.

hot-air balloon (IMG_0838)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

The Dutchess County Regional Chamber of Commerce hosted the 25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival on July 10, 11 and 12, 2015.

Yesterday’s lift-off was from the Poughkeepsie waterfront, 22 balloons were launched from the site.

Quoting from this morning’s Poughkeepsie Journal: “Crowds, estimated at a few thousand people, packed a stretch of the Hudson River in  the City of Poughkeepsie Friday evening for a successful lift-off for the 25th anniversary of the event.”

One the balloons flew over my house yesterday evening.

hot-air balloon (IMG_0835)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Was it this one in the above photo?????

Or was it the one in the photo below? Too bad I did not have my camera with me at the time.

hot-air balloon (IMG_0836)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

The balloon below belongs to my friend’s, Phyll, son Brian who is also the pilot.

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Brian getting ready for lift-off with the help of his niece Annika (in red) and nephew Stefan (in blue).

C (IMG_0847)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Annika and Stefan holding down the crown line (a thick rope).

hot air balloon (IMG_0848)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

In the photo at left is proud daddy, Tom, who flew balloons for 40 years before handing it over to Brian who is in the basket.

Hot-air ballooning is definitely a family affair.

Hot-air balloon (IMG_0851)

25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Up, up, UP and away it soared

Remaining launch schedule

Saturday, 7/11/15, 6 p.m. South of Shadows on Hudson
176 Rinaldi Blvd, Poughkeepsie, NY

Sunday, 7/12/15, 6 a.m. Dutchess County Airport
263 New Hackensack Road, Wappingers Falls, NY

…   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …   …  …   …  …

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About Norma Chang

I am the author/publisher of 2 user-friendly Chinese cookbooks: "My Students' Favorite Chinese Recipes (updated edition)" and "Wokking Your Way to Low Fat Cooking" A gardener who enjoys cooking and eating and loves to think outside the box A garden volunteer at Locust Grove Heritage Vegetable Garden Conduct hands-on cooking workshops for teenagers Conduct cultural programs for children and family Conduct healthy cooking classes for adults
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23 Responses to 25th Hudson Valley Hot-Air Balloon Festival

  1. Phyllis Smith says:

    Under picture of kids, Annika and Stefan, The rope is called the crown line. Tom has been flying for 40 years. Otherwise pics look great! Thanks for posting!

    I will watch for your friend Rose tonight. She will find us I am sure.

    I will be ready for snooze soon!

    Regards, Phyll


  2. Eva Taylor says:

    That’s amazing! I love the romance of hot air ballooning but in reality it’s quite noisy and the landings are quite hard. I took JT on a hot air balloon ride for his 40th birthday a couple, I mean a few years ago. We only had four people in the basket, a young kid around 18, an 80 year old lady and John 40 (I am significantly younger!). The landing was rough but well worth the views (I landed on the 18 year old, the other lady landed on JT!). It was incredible how much we heard from the ground when the blower wasn’t on (1,000 feet up)! Your photos are beautiful, definitely worth getting up early for! Thanks for sharing Norma, what a beautiful day for ballooning.

  3. kim says:

    Hey it is Phyllis and Tom , great picture of Tom! Ask him if he is still riding his motorcycle? Two of the nicest people you’d ever want to know right Norma?
    What a beautiful sight :0) I had a balloon ride with Tom back in 1980 before I ever moved to Poughkeepsie, still have my balloon pin from the “Friend Ship Too”….did you ever go up ?

    Great pictures and a wonderful memory relived.

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Kim,
      Yes, Tom is still riding his motorcycle and yes, Tom and Phyllis are 2 of the nicest people.
      No I have not gone for a balloon ride, some day maybe.
      Thanks for the compliment glad my post took you on a trip down memory lane. So when are you coming for a visit?

  4. Phyllis Smith says:

    One tiny correction. Where kids are holding crown, it is Stefan and Annika and not Brian:) Again, thanks


  5. Maureen | Orgasmic Chef says:

    I’ve never been in a hot air balloon before but I would love to take an early morning ride in one. What a fun event!

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Maureen,
      It was a really fun event and the weather cooperated for the entire weekend. Perhaps you will have the opportunity to ride in one some day.

  6. Joyce says:

    Norma,beautiful pics. Certainly was worth your getting out of bed so early for that event. “rising with the roosters” as they say. Thanks for keeping us informed on these wonderful events. Would not have known about them otherwise.
    Joyce from Fl.

  7. Margaret says:

    That must have been a sight to see! Don’t think I’d ever go up in one (I prefer to keep my feet on the ground!), but seeing them go up en masse would have been quite something.

  8. How fun to be actually out there and watching the process of getting ready! Beautiful photos Norma. Wishing you a super Sunday!

  9. Saskia (1=2) says:

    Wow, you do Balloon Festivals well over there Norma. I’ve had the Albuquerque Balloon Festival on my bucket list for years. Had no idea there was one in Poughkeepsie too! Looks amazing. The colours!

  10. hotlyspiced says:

    That was a very early start but it sure looks like it was worthwhile. I do love the array of colours on the balloons. How special to have one fly right over your home xx

    • Norma Chang says:

      Hello Charlie,
      It was exciting to see the balloon flying over my house, I quickly called my neighbour and friends who live nearby to look in the direction of my house, they too were excited.

  11. Such FUN! We have an annual balloon festival here in Canberra, the sky whale (ugliest thing you’ll ever see) put us on the map. Now, I’ve never been in a hot air balloon before but I would love, love, loooooove too. Looks like it was fun, especially seeing home from above. 🙂

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