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Harvest Monday, May 28, 2012

Harvested my first strawberry on Wednesday. Not completely red. Debated whether to wait until the next day to pick, but decided I was not taking any chances with the birds, not with my very FIRST strawberry. Kept it out of my … Continue reading

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Fresh Bamboo Shoots

Fresh bamboo shoots Today’s blog is about a subject I know very little about. You may be thinking, and rightly so, why is she writing about something she knows nothing about????? Well, few days ago, I was the lucky recipient of … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, May 21, 2012 – Garden Update

Thornless Blackberry Flowers The blackberry bush is laden with flowers, indication of a good harvest. Hope I get to the ripe berries before the birds and the insects. Yesterday was a very busy day. According to the weather report, night time … Continue reading

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Locust Grove’s Sunset Sensations – May Featured Chef

Kolkwitzia The kolkwitzia, also known as beauty bush, was discovered in China in 1898 by Ernest Wilson AKA ‘China Wilson’. Photo at right is a close up look at the flowers. This plant, growing at Locust Grove, is situated along the path behind … Continue reading

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Harvest Monday, May 14, 2012

Not sure whether this is chive flower or bunching onions flowers. Forgot what I planted. Harvested the same as the past 2 weeks and shared with friends the following: ◊ baby spinach, 1 pound ◊ Chinese chives, ¾ pounds ◊ red … Continue reading

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